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About us

Reduced Opera Orchestrations was started in 2006 by Francis Griffin to provide high quality arrangements of opera for a small orchestra at a reasonable cost.


Quality has always been the watchword and every effort is made to ensure that the arrangements work and that everything fits together with no impediments to rehearsal, where time is so valuable. Nearly all have been performance tested, most many times.


The parts are all printed on high quality 100gsm paper, properly bound with front and back covers. Every effort has been made to ensure that page turns are reasonable.


The arrangements are provided in one of two forms. Most are arrangements of the wind, brass and percussion which are completely re-engraved. The string parts are supplied from the standard public domain reprints, all have bar numbers and rehearsal figures added if necessary. The full score is a standard public domain version, marked up with indications of the arrangement. 


Some operas have had the vocal lines and the strings re-engraved with the wind and brass, providing a full score of the arrangement. The latter take longer to produce and are priced slightly higher.


The arrangements are available for hire only, please contact us for prices as each opera is individually priced


Please browse our Catalogue and email us with your enquiry.

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